Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Speak Aid HD now for iPad & iPhone /touch

Now Available for iPad with new Blackboard feature for writing or drawing your message also the new typing feature.

Speak Aid is designed for those that may have been affected by the inability to speak due to such things as stroke, accidents surgery, and more. Speak Aid will help you talk during the early stages of recovery as well as physical therapy.

If you know anybody that has suffered a stroke or another medical trauma which has left them with the inability to speak then you are well aware of the hurdles involved in recovery and communication.

Have the patient touch the wood figure to hear different parts of the body now with front and back. Touch the words or icons of the things that are to be said. Remember questions that command simple YES and NO responses can go a long way.
If you would like more phrases added let us know as we will take the most requested and put them in.

Speak Aid at iTunes
Speak Aid HD at iTunes

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