Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ghost Words is a potential paranormal ghost communication tool. If there is really a ghost or spirit at your location and it can truly touch or move the device then it might be able to communicate with you. You will hear the words which have been touched. This app is for the real ghost hunters out there and is made by a paranormal truth seeker so there is no trickery nor any complex algorithms for ghosts to try and figure out. Are you prepared to deal with the ghostly responses you may get? Ghost Words is intended for entertainment purposes only and not recommended for children. The developer is not responsible for the actions of the users. If you need help with a haunting contact a local reputable group or send us an e-mail and we will help guide you in the right direction. Remember to never ghost hunt alone.
Lay the device flat. Ask the ghost to use the device to speak to you by either touching the words and arrows or by manipulating the accelerometer to move the ball towards the words. The arrows indicate more word scenes. You can also use the white noise option. We recommend placing a recorder next to the device to document the results.

Ghost Words on iTunes

Ghost Words HD for iPad on iTunes

NOTE: Reasons you may get a response on Ghost Words.
1. There is a ghost or entity present at your location.
2. Ghosts can truly touch or manipulate objects.
3. You may have touched the device by accident.
4. You may have bumped the device or its surroundings.
NOTE: Reasons you may not get a response on Ghost Words.
1. There is not a ghost or entity present at your location.
2. The ghost may not understand or be ready to respond.
3. Here is the true test. Ghosts or entities can't touch or manipulate objects.

For app support contact DeMentidApps@gmail.com

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